The Vines Project 2.0

The Plan (As of 2/06/2012):

  • I will send everyone my postal address via PM/Tumblr/Facebook/e-mail so that everyone can send all their mail to one place to my postal address as long as it’s no bigger than A4 in size and must be ready and sent off by the end of July.
  • What you can send in: Fan art, art you’ve made, photographs, birthday cards, craft stuff, letters, poetry, mix tapes, demo cds of the band that you’re in, DVDs of your recorded message, jewellery etc
  • What NOT to send in: Death threats, letter bombs, letters written in blood, fan-fiction, slash fiction, fetish art, porn, a lock of your hair, a request for Craig to send you a lock of his hair, anything creepy or borderline stalker-ish in general.
  • Remember to write your return address on the back of your mail just in case it’s gets lost.
  • All the mail shall be collected and placed into an A3 hardbound sketchbook ready to be sent off by late-August 2012. so you must send off your mail by the end of July (if you live outside of Australia)/mid-August(if you live with Australia).
  • A cover letter shall be typed and placed on the front page from all of us on the forum/Tumblr
  • Send the parcel off to Parker and Mr French management, wrapped in green wrapping paper, tied with a green ribbon and a note that says ‘Do not open until August 31’ for Craig’s birthday.

If you’re wish to send something more larger or extravagant or you ran out of time and for future mail/projects it’s okay to send a separate parcel because it will be going to this address anyway:

The Vines
c/o Parker and Mr French
8A Ground FL Marlborough St
Surry Hills NSW 2010

People from Tumblr contributing to this project (as of 2/06/2012):

  • tattoomyhead
  • gemma-lee
  • joel-abz

Anyone interested in this project can send me an ask or reply to this post.


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    Fan-art project I’m putting together for a one Mr Craig Nicholls of The Vines with other interested fans.
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