Kaaaate, how do you make gifs!

For anyone who wondered how I made those Vines gifs:

1.Download your desired YouTube video by going onto KeepVid.com and paste the URL into the bar. Click ‘Download’ and there will be a selection of different video formats of various quality for you to download. Right click and ‘Save Link/As’ to download. Choose the option that has the highest quality and largest dimensions.

2. Use a video converter such as YouTube Downloader (which is free) to convert the video file into a Quicktime Video file.

3.For me, I use Photoshop CS3 (which you can get a full working program from here, without the need for installing or key-gens) to make gifs and Gimp to edit gifs.

4.To make a basic gif in Photoshop (and GIMP similarly as well) go to ‘File’ > ‘Import’ > ‘Video Frames to Layers…’. Open up your desired video that is in the Quicktime format.

5.A box will appear with a video player next to it. Select ‘Selected range only’ or something similar to it and select ‘Limit to every ___ frames’. Depending on how long the selection of video goes, just type in 2 (if it’s less than 1 second in duration) or 3 (if it goes for a couple of seconds) frames in the box.

6. To choose your the start and end of the clip that you want to make into a gif, hold down the Shift key and use either the scroll or the arrow keys until you find your end point. Then click OK when you’re satisfied with your selection.

7.Open ‘Window’ > ‘Animation’ to make a small window appear that shows the frames of your animation. You can play and stop your animation as it appears on the screen and delete unwanted frames much like deleting layers of a Photoshop image. You can also crop any unnecessary windows or black bars as well much like a Photoshop image.

8. When you’re done with your animation go to ‘File’ > ‘Save for Web Devices’. You may need to resize or change the colour scheme and optimum of the final product. If you’re going to post you gif on Tumblr as a photo, the file size needs to be less than 500KB and under 450px (it will inidcate how large the file size will be at the lower left hand corner of the window), otherwise, it won’t work and it will only show the first frame of the gif. If you don’t want your gif to be sized down, it would have to be uploaded to an image hosting site such as Photobucket and inserted through a Text post using the Insert Image button, with the URL of the gif that you have uploaded to the image hosting site.

9.Click save and name it and save to any location as you wish, ready to be posted up on the Internet.

There you go.

If you need any help, or want to know how to make more complex gifs, feel free to ask.

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