not a fan, but this song, is actually beautiful. Enjoy!

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NME Blogs | The Vines, ‘Wicked Nature’ - Exclusive Album Stream


The entire new album, ‘Wicked Nature’ from The Vines is streaming on NME currently.

And you best listen, fool.

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High nostalgia thoughts


I remember being like 12 fuckin’ in love with The Vines. I still am. Back in the day, I made all of my journals and pictures of The Vines were all over it covered with contact paper. And then I met them. I was 12 sitting on Craig Nicholls’ lap, I was in a trance. It was unreal. I’m so grateful for all my concert memories. I feel so lucky. I was such a cool fucking kid and I have the coolest fucking parents ever.

Lol I’m so high so that was random as fuck.

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Now, if you’ve been pretty observant for the past decade or so (or been reading our site frequently), then you’d know The Vines are a band that have a bloody solid CV of singles that can pack a venue pretty quickly (Ride, He’s a Rocker and their most recent addition, Metal Zone). Over this course of history, critics and fans alike have acknowledged this power that Craig Nicholls has within these tracks. The only problem is, that once expanded to the bigger picture album-wise, it predominantly falls on silent ears or folded arms.

The Vines have encountered a ‘1 step forward – 2 steps back’ situation with, Wicked Nature, in comparison to electronically expansive 2011 release, Future Primitive. Wicked Nature, returns to the simplicity and straight-forwardness that the group originally started out as, so much to the point where the line-up has reverted to a three piece for the first time in twelve years, and completely refuses to acknowledge any electronic influence that their last release displayed. However, the idea of taking 2 steps back still takes them forward, confusing? Maybe, but that’s why we’re here to explain.

Wicked Nature, re-visits a lot of avenues that Nicholls explored in previous albums, but didn’t really evolve or manifest into something bigger. The expansion into a 2-disc, almost hour-long trip, gives Nicholls more than enough time to expand on these ideas. Arguably better than in comparison to previous efforts. Tracks like, Venus Flytrap and Into the Fire, sees a more psychedelic take that we haven’t seen since 2006’s, Vision Valley. Whilst, Reincarnation, Love is Gone and the majority of disc 2 for that matter, expands on Craig’s underlying love for simple 60’s pop rock.

In saying this, there’s no compromise on the aggressiveness whatsoever, refer to disc 1 for the majority of your usual Vines abrasiveness. You already know that Metal Zone and Out the Loop are stand-outs; Green Utopia and Psychomatic, are within the higher calibre alongside these tracks. Quite possibly future singles if the past has given us anything to follow by. Showing Nicholls hasn’t lost any edge over the years.

You know exactly what you’re dealing with when you hear the name, The Vines and Wicked Nature, essentially covers all areas that you know to expect from the trio. The band have landed themselves on firmer ground and it shows. Wicked Nature, surpasses the last 2 releases both on song writing and production, and is quite possibly their heaviest album to date. To return to old roots and manage to re-invigorate themselves with better form is something to commend.

Get it into ya.

REVIEW BY: Brady Hawes

Wicked Nature, out September 2nd. Pre-order now at:

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It’s no secret that over the last few months we’ve all been a little, The Vines, crazy… and we’re not apologizing one little bit for it. During this Vines madness we’ve posted several articles on the band. These articles included a review of the trio’s single, Metal Zone, which you can listen to and read by clicking: HERE

With the release of, Metal Zone, The Vines, have once again found themselves surrounded by success. The international rock scene couldn’t be happier to have our Aussie boys back and jamming. The band has received wide spread coverage across notable media milestones including: NME, The Guardian and both U.S. based, Spin and Rolling Stone.

To top things off, the single made a #2 debut on the nationwide specialty radio chart known as the, FMBQ Sub Modern Radio Charts.  In equal position with our boys is, Spoon, and just above, Jungle and Death From Above 1979.


POST BY: Amy Bertram

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Tracklisting for ‘Wicked Nature’

Tracklisting for ‘Wicked Nature’

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Wicked Nature studio session…

Wicked Nature studio session…

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