Found some old records again and so I found ‘Winning Days’ by the Vines, I remember I used to love them so much in 8th grade,and now that I’ve l listened to this album for 3 hours non stop I feel like I’m about to fall in love with them deeper than I ever have been.

I love Craig Nicholls. He seems so fucked up and freaked out and then again,on their slower songs he becomes this gentle,careful being with this beautiful voice that you just want to kiss and hug for forever. He’s such an interesting…and clearly very talented and intelligent individual….wow I wish i’d understand what’s actually going on inside his head.

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Walk the fields and we stare at the ocean
Roll the wheel but forget the notion.

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My mate just sent me a video of us covering “Get Free” today & jesus christ that was, erratic.

Oh man, this is going to the blog.

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The Vines’ NME article (17/07/2014)

We love The Vines. They're one of our biggest influences and that's why we describe ourselves as 'melodic grunge'.

I see

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With 4 tracks already out, what are your initial thoughts?

So far I’ve only listened to Out Of The Loop and Metal Zone. They’re quite alright (I like how there’s an abrupt end for Metal Zone, kind of unconventional).

I’ll try and get around to listening to the other tracks this weekend since I’ve been busy with life stuff.

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Hey there, we’ve been scrolling through some tags on tumblr in search of people who love Aussie bands. e.g. The Vines, Parkway Drive etc. We’re a company that only review, stream, profile and interview Australian bands. We do this in attempt to gain the local music scene more attention and create a space where people can go to find out and discover artists purely from AUS. Check us out, and if you like us follow us on tumblr and facebook. Cheers.

Shout out to these guys.

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The Vines, they were the big one for us, I suppose. We all went to see them together on their UK tour in 2002 - very fond memories. They were what made you see that being in a band was a good idea. We were all about The Vines. They were, I think, collectively our favourite band at the time.

Alex Turner on The Vines & their inspiration to what became Arcitc Monkeys. (via bwadi)

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If you spend your evenings scavenging for new music and looking for the freshest tunes, then you’d know that the last few weeks has been jammed packed with, THE VINES this and 'The Vines' that. Last week we posted an update on the rock Lords forthcoming album 'Wicked Nature' [READ HERE] and mentioned the first single ‘Metal Zone’. Now we’re going to take it one step further it talk more about the first single of what we’re naming the comeback album of the year.  

Sounding as exciting as ever, the trio have stuck to their roots and simply notched it up a few levels with their favourite musical touch. Yes, of course we’re talking about the beloved distortion pedal. It’s twisted, it’s rough, it’s that perfect punk rock tune about relationships. Even if you hate it, you’ll still probably like it.

Metal Zone, waste no time making an impact. Front man Craig Nicholls bursts out roaring but not before the track has you thinking, ‘maybe this one will be on the quite side?’ Which it certainly is not. Full of soft-loud-soft paces, solos and screams; it’s fair to say Nicholls along with new comers Lachlan West (drums) and Tim John (bass) have crafted organised chaos to complete perfection. The unrestrictive elements of sound, melodic hooks and brutal energy all round, are nothing short of a reminder that 'The Vines’, are back to stay.

"Metal Zone" is taken from the band’s forthcoming album "Wicked Nature". Purchase ‘Metal Zone’ at: Pre-order forthcoming album “Wicked Nature” Release date Sept 2nd.


REVIEWED BY: Amy Bertram

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